Beekeeping Course – Level 1

Prerequisite: None. Like to learn and have fun with beekeeping.

Course Length: 16 hours.

This course is designed for those who wish to learn about the basics of honeybee biology, hive products, and the fundamentals of beekeeping. Suitable for novice and hobbyist beekeepers, back yard growers, or homeotherapists.

What will I study? Everything that you need to know to start beekeeping as a hobbyist.

Course content covers:

  • bee biology and colony behaviour;
  • hive management (spring, summer and fall management plus overwintering bees);
  • building bee hives and frames, and use of hive equipment ;
  • hive manipulations;
  • removing and extracting honey;
  • pharmacological properties and uses of honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly;
  • bee nutrition and feeding hives;
  • prevention and control of pests and diseases of bees;
  • marketing hive products;
  • plants and crop pollination
  • beekeeping by-law in B.C.

What you can expect at the end of Beekeeping Level 1 – Participants will have the option to start to keep a few hives during the course. Upon completion, participants will be able to manage up to 20 hives. A 20 hive operation has the potential to produce over 2000 lbs of honey plus various types of honeybee products.

Participants who complete the course and are interested in furthering their knowledge of beekeeping will be provided with further training and may be offered a part-time / full-time position in the beekeeping industry in the future. Currently there is a high demand for skilled beekeepers in Canada.

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Beekeeping Course – Level 2

Prerequisite: beekeepers who completed level 1 or have minimum 2 years beekeeping experience.

Course Length: 8 hours.

This course is suitable for sideline beekeepers.

Course content covers:

  • swarm control and hive splitting;
  • 2 queen system colonies;
  • Queen bee rearing;
  • hive re-Queening;
  • production and processing of hive products (bee venom, pollen, propolis and royal jelly);
  • making creamy honey.

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Beekeeping Course – Level 3

Prerequisite: beekeepers have taken level 1 and level 2 or having 5-year beekeeping experience.

Course Length: 10 hours.

This course is suitable for sideline or commercial beekeepers.

Course content covers:

  • Queen Selection and breeding program;
  • certification of your honey house;

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