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Dr. Bee opened its doors in Pitt Meadows, BC in 1996 starting with only couple hundred bee hives. Over the last 20 years, this number has grown into the thousands and Dr.Bee has become a well-established beekeeping operation in the lower mainland.

Dr. Bee not only operates out of the on-site production facility at Honeyland Canada in Pitt Meadows, but also has an extensive product line that can be purchased from two retail locations found in Richmond and Burnaby. Dr. Bee produces all-natural bee hive products with countless health benefits meant to cure and supplement the human body.

About Dr. Bee


Dr. Ron Lin, aka Dr. Bee, is the in-house bee expert and educator at Honeyland Canada and he takes a scientifically-grounded approach to bee products.

With a PhD in Bee Science from SFU, Dr. Ron brings out the nutritional value of bee products and continuously improves product formulas through experiments informed by the latest research. His passion for teaching and spreading the knowledge about honeybees continues to fuel and be the driving force behind Dr. Bee’s company mission: to share the marvelous world of honey bees and provide high quality bee hive products to promote natural healing and happiness.

Dr. Ron stays up to date with the latest innovations in bee science to ensure Dr. Bee’s products are premium grade and optimized for benefitting human health

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Aug 10, 2017

Bees and blueberries at Pitt Meadows festival

Dr. Ron Lin, aka Dr. Bee, will be educating people about the importance of bees at this years festival.

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